Welcome to DoctorNafsi and thank you for your interest in pursuing psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy or medications for yourself or your family member. You have to be 18 years of age or older to use our services. Hopefully, this will address some of your initial questions about our practice. You are welcome to discuss any aspect of this information during our meetings.


An initial evaluation/consultation usually consists of 1-2 sessions. This often includes a 60 minute initial appointment and a 30-60 minute follow up meeting. This follow up meeting includes a discussion about the clinician’s impressions of the presenting problem, if not already discussed at the initial session. At the end of the consultation, a treatment plan will be made and recommendations provided. Rates and fees are based on time and each session is billed separately. In general, we see patients for 30-45 minutes for follow up appointments. The fee remains the same no matter whom the session is with. The same fee applies for collateral work or phone conferences, or for additional assessment time as part of an evaluation. We do not bill for brief phone calls or emails to handle scheduling appointment times or to address basic questions, but for anything more prolonged, we do reserve the right to bill for our time. Payment is due in full prior to the time of the visit. We all accept payments made by credit card. Please contact us to discuss the specifics regarding our current fees for specific services.


We do not take insurance; however, some insurance plans will reimburse a portion of the fees. If you have a preferred provider plan (PPO) or other non-managed care plan, you may have “out- of- network” benefits. This generally means that you have the option to work with a clinician who is an “out-of- network” provider, and that your company will reimburse subscribers for a certain percentage of a therapist’s fee. Although you would be responsible for paying us directly, you would have the option to submit an insurance claim form for any and all sessions with us. We are happy to provide you with a receipt as needed. Since we don’t know the details of every employer’s insurance plan, we urge you to contact your insurance company directly so you know what to expect regarding deductibles and the process of potential reimbursement from them. It is also important to point out that insurance companies do not generally reimburse for collateral work or missed appointment fees, and you would be responsible for paying those charges directly, even if the insurance company covers a portion of the office visits.


We require at least 24 hours advance notice if you wish to cancel an appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full cost of a session if 24 hours notice is not given or if you fail to show up for a scheduled session. Exceptions to the cancellation policy are emergencies only.


We check our emails daily. We make every effort to return your call the same day. If you do not receive a reply the same day, you can almost always expect a reply call the next business day after we have received your message. If you have an emergency that requires immediate response or you cannot wait for a reply, go to your nearest emergency room. Your DoctorNafsi clinician will develop a more detailed emergency plan with you once you are past the initial evaluation session.


The entire process of psychiatric therapy rests upon confidentiality. Exceptions to doctor-patient confidentiality include potential for harm to oneself or other, suspicion of child or elder abuse, or abuse of persons with mental retardation. Thank you again for the opportunity to be of service to you or your family member. We look forward to our work together.