• What made you start Doctor Nafsi?

Dr. Lama Bazzi: Working here in the United States and serving the communities here has been wonderful. But I really wanted to give back to our communities back home. And I feel like I really have a lot to offer in terms of mental healthcare.
Dr. Omar Fattal: I have struggled with the question of moving back to Lebanon for years. I decided to stay in the United States but, I always had this need or desire to give back to my home country. With telepsychiatry I am able to live in the United States but help people back in Lebanon

  • What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a new and exciting way to deliver psychiatric care to patients using the internet.


  • Is Telepsychiatry an acceptable way to treat patients?

Yes, telepsychiatry has been used in the United States and other countries for over 15 years with excellent results. The American Psychiatric Association endorses telepsychiatry as an acceptable way to see and treat patients.


  • What is depression?

Depression is a medical condition where one feels down with low energy and he or she loses interest on the things they used to like.


  • What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a medical condition where someone can’t function because they are scared or nervous for no apparent reason.


  • What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a medical condition also known as manic depression where one has mood swings and they goes from one extreme to another.


  • Why Telepsychiatry?

Many people may be interested in seeing a psychiatrist, but are concerned for their privacy. Telepsychiatry makes seeing a psychiatrist easy, convenient, and most importantly, completely confidential. There is a shortage of psychiatrists in many areas and telepsychiatry is a great way to meet the needs of patients everywhere.


  • Does Telepsychiatry work?

Multiple studies have shown, over and over, that Telepsychiatry provides care that is as effective as traditional office visits.


  • How does Telepsychiatry work exactly?

You will fill out the forms located under the Patient Area > Book an appointment.
Someone from our team will contact you to review your information with you.
Your appointment request will be reviewed and confirmed.
You will be asked to submit your payment using our secure online payment portal.
You will meet with the doctor at your chosen time for your appointment


  • Is my information safe and secure?

Absolutely. We take your privacy very seriously. The technology we use to store your information ensures that it all remains confidential and safe.


  • What if there is an emergency?

Your safety is our priority. At the beginning of your treatment, you and your doctor will draft a safety plan, which will include what you are to do in an emergency situation.


  • How do I pay for services?

We use secure online payment system that’s fast, convenient and completely safe.


  • Do you accept insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance. For your convenience, we accept online payments using credit cards.