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  • I can’t say enough about what Doctor Bazzi has done for me. Before my appointments, I had terrible anxiety that would affect almost every aspect of my life. I was distant from my family and friends, couldn’t focus at work, and always felt alone or by myself. It almost felt as if I was nervous just to live my daily life. I decided that I needed a change right away or my life would completely spiral out of control. That’s when I found Doctor Nafsi. It was great because I could talk to a Doctor Bazzi right from the comfort of my own home. It felt more private that way. With Doctor Bazzi, I was able to find the root of my problem and make strides to managing it to where I was able to feel like my normal self again. I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I couldn’t thank Doctor Bazzi enough for helping me change my life for the better.

  • After moving out of New York two years ago, commuting to see Dr. Fattal was no longer an ideal option for me since his office is a few hours away from my new home. His suggestion that we use Telepsychiatry was very welcomed by me since he’s a doctor I’d have an extremely hard time finding a replacement for. Being a bit skeptical of using the Internet to communicate with my psychiatrist at first, I gave it a try because Dr. Fattal has been such a wonderful, responsible psychiatrist. To my surprise, I actually much rather preferred having an online session with Dr. Fattal than having to deal with the stresses of commuting in the New York area. Not only was I able to speak to him from the comfort of my own home, but there was no pressure to commute and arrive to his office on time, not to mention the money I saved from not having to commute. Now that I’ve been using the Internet regularly to meet with Dr. Fattal for over a year, my thoughts are clearer than ever when I speak to him and I’m seeing even more progress than before. I’d suggest to anyone who sees a psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, etc. to try Telepsychiatry with their doctor. The relaxation and clarity you feel when you speak to your doctor from the comfort of your own home is something you can now experience thanks to advances in technology and patients like myself should take full advantage of this.

  • Dr. Bazzi is more than just a doctor and a psychiatrist. She is a professional who truly understands what I’m going through and identifies with me as a human being. I can access Dr. Bazzi even though we’re in different time zones. I have peace of mind because I know that I’m in good hands.

  • My mom is 80 years old and she has dementia. She has been getting worse lately, more confused and very paranoid. We lock all the doors because sometimes she tries to run away. I wanted to take her to see a psychiatrist, but it’s very difficult to convince her to leave the house because she is very paranoid and her balance is not that good so we worry that she will fall. When I heard about Doctor Nafsi I thought that this was the best solution for my mom especially that she speaks Arabic only. I booked an appointment for her with Dr. Fattal and he was able to see her from the comfort of her own home. He was able to recommend some medications and gave us some tips on how to make the house safer for her. She is feeling better now. I really like the idea of telepsychiatry and I think it’s the best solution for patients like my mom.